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Paragliding or ballooning or taking a plane are moments when we are clear about our trust in air... that the air will support us and that we will fly about without concern. And then, even with the knowledge that air changes with temperature, humidity, wind currents, land and water formations below us.... we glide down to land all thanks to the density of air. We don't think about the fact that we trust in this element daily with each of the 26,000 breaths we take.

This summer I went sky-diving for the first time and after 35 seconds of freefall the uplift as we soared when the chute opened matched the surge of gratitude I felt that we weren't going to plummet to earth. It was a huge thrill for me and my youngest son and a major lesson in the importance of being grateful. The lessons of air are many; about trust, about letting go (which leads to learnings around control issues), about the randomness and the uncertainty of our lives which is timely in the current moment.

We breathe normally at most 65% of our lung's capacity with a normal breath. When we are 'out of breath' from exertion that increases as high as 95% to feed the additional requirement of oxygen. Imagine if we consciously increased our the depth of our breath, took conscious control of the regularity of the breath increasing accordingly the saturation of our brains, our muscles, our nervous system with vital oxygen and other gases and cleansing them of toxins. Wow. Very powerful.

In a 75 minute Elemental breathwork session we will look at which aspect of the Air element you feel is the most out of balance, expanding on the characteristics of Air embodied in your own experience. Then taking from what modern medicine has shown us and what ancient sciences like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have been practicing for millenium I'll show you some techniques, that integrate with meditation and movement to activate and engage Air and any other involved elements to help bring you back into balance and hence onto the road to Wellness.

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